14th OVI / 3rd Arkansas Civil War Reenactors
3rd Arkansas History
Urbin Erskine Mooty

This 26 year old laborer enlisted as a Private in the 2nd Arkansas Battalion in Richmond, VA on July 18, 1862.  Following the Battles of the Seven Days he was transferred to Company E of the Third Arkansas.

Mooty was reported as AWOL sometime in 1863 between the Suffolk Siege and Gettysburg.

While AWOL he returned to Arkansas and reenlisted in the 15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment and apparently served out the war with that unit.

Mooty died in Union County, Arkansas on July 27, 1896 and is buried in Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery northeast of El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas.

Photo Courtesy Ronnie Benson
Urbine E. Mooty